Big Brother – 2008 not 1984

I liked watching Big Brother on TV –   like I like greasy pizza. It doesn’t all have to be about homegrown coriander and chickpeas and magazines discussing arts show with black skivvied men.

Reread 1984, to see if the world which gave us Big Brother TV is like the totalitarian regime of 1984.

Nah. We got it good. Life sucked for Winston.

Was inspired to think about DOUBLEFEEL. you may recall how Doublethink worked? You could hold opposing views, in particular your own sense of reality and any completely contradictory party line. And quietly absorb this duality, to the point where you don’t notice you’re doing it.

So what’s Doublefeel?  Take advertising. Advertising pushes our emotional buttons. Evoking whatever emotion research indicates will be most manipulative. Guilt seems to be a good one. Advertising evokes a feeling for us, and we associate it with the product or the brand. But this feeling has been artificially created within us, specifically to motivate us to buy PRODUCT X. We have one layer of double feel here, where we have layered on top of whatever feeling we were authentically feeling, the evoked feeling from the ad.

An unpleasant example of this is the fashion for creating LOVEBRANDS. Apparently consumers must now love the brand. I think Emlyn mentioned on here that this is a cruel, unequal relationship where one party – the consumer gives love, loyalty, money, devotion for which the other party – the brand gives flashy ads and the actual product. Brands are the beautiful, cruel, aloof, unobtainable high school ice queens, that the boys fawn over. I imagine they turned out to be lesbians.

Anyway I digress. So there we are, having had some advertising thrust upon us. We become emotionally charged. Buy PRODUCT X. Engage in the exchange. The emotion lingers for a little while. And then PRODUCT X becomes just whatever it is, the artificial emotional excitment gone. And of course this exchange, in our heightened emotional state involved buying with easy instalments. And these remain with interest.

But we are savvy consumers. We know it’s a jungle out there, and advertisers are full of shit. We know that. So perhaps we concurrently know they are full of shit, and find ourselves manipulated. At once we feel aware of the tricks and manipulation of the ads, well aware that it’s all shit AND at the same time we find ourselves falling for the product – and responding to the ad, just as we are supposed to.

Double feel.

Ever bought something with a picture on the packet. And you get the actual PRODUCT X inside the product. And reality is inferior. And we knew it would be. But we still hoped. Maybe they wont lie to us this time. Maybe it will be as good as the picture?


Well triplefeel because then you feel stupid for your niavity. I mean come on. It’s never going to be as good as the picture. And we know it. But unsquashable hope, the noble human sentiment, remains.

Or maybe quadruple feel. Because then you get POMO. Pretend that you are buying PRODUCT X as a parody of a consumer. As POMO art.  

Can’t help but worry that if my mum read this she’d say “well stop whinging and throw out the TV.”

Ouch. how will I watch Big Brother then?

UPDATE. Big Brother has been cancelled. Couldn’t get enough advertising. hee hee.

Big Brother – 2008 not 1984

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