Downshifting blues

Woke up this mornin’
I was feeling blue,
had a crazy big stinkin’
hole in ma stinkin’ shoe


Someone mentioned to me recently that they’d love to downshift, but they couldn’t afford it. Yep. Here’s my shoe:

I’ll have to buy some new ones next time I get paid. They were maybe $30, have last me dunno, at least a year surely. On the downside the poor bastards that made them probably got ripped off if they weren’t in fact slaves.

I started walking to work. It takes 45 minutes. It’s about 5 minutes by car (unless it’s peak hour, in which case it’s about 20 mins), 15 minutes by bike. Crazy.

Walking, though, is awesome. The key is that you really need to not be worried about when you’re going to arrive. Get into the journey. Hippie stuff. Here are some photos I took on the walk one day:

These are some initial shots of the walk, wandering down the first few streets. I forgot to take a photo of the beautiful old church which is on the way, that Jodie runs a choir in.
This is a cool old house, I like the look of it. Also, there’s another bit of street.
It’s always the 80s in this place. Pat Benetar, and shrieking personal trainers, omfg.
A bridge over the railway, and some shots of the light industrial suburbs around it. Chaos, it’s good.
Full zoom for this lovely old train station.
What’s the yellow thing? Again full zoom. It’s over in the suburbs somewhere. I’ll go check it out one day.
More walking, past a sports field/reserve thing, busy road too.
This is outside the West End brewery. Serious landscaped weirdness. Inside, dark satanic mills.
The duck just loves the lens. Come on ducky, hussle for the camera!
A beautiful old bridge over the Torrens. It used to be a rail bridge I think, and then for cars/trucks, now it’s a footbridge. It’s really this beautiful.
Behind the weird landscaping, the dark satanic mills themselves.
and this is the Uni/business precinct that I work in. Cute, ey?

So, it’s really this good on the walk. Later, I’ll post some photos of the walk of an evening, with the sun setting, although my camera sucks in that lighting.

Walking! Yeah.

But there’s a hole in my shoe 😦

Downshifting blues

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