The year ahead

I’m seriously behind in my blogging. This has two major causes:

  1. I’m busy doing real things
  2. World of Warcraft – Wrath of the Lich King was released

Blizzard – you are bastards. Damn you for making this addictive game.

But I am doing things, and am in heavy planning mode, trying to figure out what kick-arse projects to take on next year.

Before I get into them, one word – Ubuntu! I flushed Vista and went to Ubuntu on my laptop (ie: my main work and home machine, the other half of my brain). Ubuntu guys, Canonical, all the FOSS people, I could kiss you! It’s great. I need to write a big post on this.

Ubuntu has kicked my priorities all over the place, because suddenly I don’t really care to write free software for Windows. Blech

urm, running out of time to post. Quick finish up. Proposed projects for next year are:

– Simulation/Game, called The Clanking Replicators. Vision: people can write code for virtual bots and then inject bots into the Clanking Replicators Universe. These bots slug it out for life, liberty, and resources. The Clanking Replicators Universe, meanwhile, is written to be run grid-style wherever people will devote resources. It should be able to scale endlessly, and run forever.

– Electronic Music under Ubuntu. Learn about the Linux way of doing electronic music, eg: Jack and the ecosystem of small pieces interacting. Learn to write sequencer type stuff, learn to do digital audio awesomeness, learn to do real time effects for live performance. Start contributing to at least one relevant FOSS project (Audacity is probably the one). Create an album, or more likely blog/ccmixter/creative commons wackiness equivalent.

– Get serious about writing some small games with the kids. Look at GameMaker.

– I’m sure there’s more. Will update!

The year ahead

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