Pre bedtime thoughts

  • Our kid’s kids will be perhaps slightly repelled by our compulsion to hoard information, to need to memorize things, to own a copy. But they’ll pity us and say, “it’s understandable, they grew up so poor”.
  • Today, we compete in our various chosen activities mostly limited by geography (eg: “I am the only gay in the village”).  I think the future, where we all compete on the global stage in our various fields of interest, will see groupings change from geographical to much more finely grained domain niches. Also I think it will require great humility; when there are billions of people all in together, it’s very hard to be the best at something, or even up to par!
  • The internet is an idea machine which is vastly more capable, many orders of magnitude more, than any of us. It’s not whether an idea has been thought of before, but by how many people, how many nodes in the network mind. The results are, for us, riches. And wonderfully, it scales. If we want more riches, we need to keep adding more people, more nodes, to this mind. Give everyone the chance to participate in this. Get Africa online. More population, however we can manage it. Grow this thing.
  • If the freemium model says ten percent of users pay for all the rest, then we likely all end up being in roughly the same amount of ten percents. So we all pay, but we all pay a lot less, or get a lot more, or more likely, pay a lot less and get a lot more. That’s good.
  • I’m thinking of budgeting a monthly amount for donations to free things. 50 dollars australian? That’s enough to make you a millionare in New Zealand, or around 20 cents US. I might take solicitations from people out there each month on where the money should go.
Pre bedtime thoughts

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