Up late drinking tea and singing Gumpelzhaimer. Also, Guy Smiley Syndrome.

Over the years a lot of spectacular musicians have played in our humble loungeroom. Brilliant jazz and classical pianists, spectacular vocalists of all kinds, the odd radio announcer. It seems a shame that so much of it has come and gone with virtually no record.

In the spirit of changing that, and of just publishing ourselves a bit more, Jodie and I are tentatively planning to put up at least one recording a week from the O’Regan loungeroom.

This first one is us singing a canon from a book of Classical Canons, a little yellow Hungarian book for hardcore Kodaly ninjas. Jodie’s practising this for an exam in her Masters level advanced super hardcore Kodaly ninja aural pedagogy course this semester, and she roped me in tonight to help out. There’s over an hour of painful process preceeding this of which you have been mercifully spared.

I’m particularly proud of the artistic video framing (oops). Oh, and this was filmed on a Flip Ultra, not known for its audio abilities, but I think it’s done quite an adequate job.

Guy Smiley
Guy Smiley
Self Operating Napkin - Rube Goldberg
Self Operating Napkin - Rube Goldberg

In other news this week, I spent a large part of Tuesday largely convinced that I was Guy Smiley from Sesame street. Since I got new glasses, my internal model of my body has been upset by my body model seeming too tall (I guess the glasses make me seem smaller and shorter). I’ve had weird sensations that either my feet are through the ground, like a bug in a 3D shooter, or that I’m suddenly a dwarf, replete with far too short arms and legs. But Guy Smiley is new. I felt as though I moved like a muppet, that my head was tipping back when I talked, my arms were waving around, and that I actually sounded like Guy. Very vivid. Distracting, and possibly psychotic, but it seemed benign enough. I’m interested to see what happens next. Possibly I should get new glasses, but that’s seems unadventurous somehow.

And also I was a Rube Goldberg version of myself today, mentally, for a while, which was quite distracting and irritating. Obtuse! Sometimes you just want to think in a straight line, and instead this transitive Rube Goldberg mental fractal. Ridiculous.

Up late drinking tea and singing Gumpelzhaimer. Also, Guy Smiley Syndrome.

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