Rose & Silver

One of Jodie’s choirs, the Woodville Concert Choir, has a major performance tomorrow. They had a bush poet doing, well, bush poetry, but he’s come down with swine flu and cancelled. So, I’m the ring-in.

Now clearly I’m no bush poet. The theme is Aussie Christmas, though, so I’m doing something Aussie. Two songs, the first is Shelter by Eric Bogle, a lovely song.

The second is a song I wrote (with Jodie’s musical assistance) a few years ago, 2005 I think, called Rose & Silver. It’s about a small town that’s been absorbed into the sprawl of a major city, and lost its identity. I was directly inspired by Nairne, a once-town-now-suburb out east of Adelaide, and I drew on my memories of living in actual country towns as a kid.

Here’s a pretty lo-fi run through we did of the song tonight:

I made the chords and lyrics available under a CC license here.

Rose & Silver

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