Black Black Black

Black Is The Colour
Singing at the kitchen table

Jodie and I just performed at a KADI benefit, a lovely afternoon. There were a lot of performers; a few solo singers, a couple of gorgeous little kids playing piano, two choirs (The Prospect Singers, which Jodie conducts and I sing with, and Just For Fun, a choir Jodie used to conduct). And, of course, the spectacular Sudanese people singing, dancing, and playing the Djembe, some of them with babies tied to their backs, bouncing along to the incredible music. They’re locals, and man, they rock. I wonder how we can get to do something musical with them in the future?

Jodie and I also did some 2 voice a capella pieces, including Black Is The Colour. I’ve included a rehearsal recording of Black Is The Colour. It’s a bit lo-fi as usual, but just between us, I’m pretty happy with it.

Black Black Black

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