Song: I will love you through this

I’ve been digging through archives, boxes of CDs, crazy stuff, looking for copies of music I otherwise might have lost (see previous post; I may have permanently lost my website files). I’ve found pretty much everything, so that’s cool.

I also found some extra stuff. Here’s a great one, a recording of a beautiful song written by Jodie. We’ve lost the score, but at least it can be transcribed from the recording.

There’s quite a bit of crackling in this recording; it comes from a problem with the CD. I’ve minimized it as much as I can, just imagine it’s from a scratch old LP 🙂 (Happily Youtube seems also to have minimized it, it just sounds like some digital ringing here and there, is that an accident or do they have magic filters??)

The recording is from a concert we did as Three Blue Fish (our old trio with Jodie’s mum, Kerry O’Regan). The accompanist is Jenny Ward.

I do have the rest of this concert. In time I’ll put the whole lot up.

Three Blue Fish

Song: I will love you through this

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