Newsfeeds in my gmail

I like newsfeeds (rss, atom, the stuff that is linked to by the “subscribe” button on blogs and such). But I’ve never taken to newsreaders. So I’ve been using various rss to email gateways. They monitor my blogs and such (newsfeeds) for me, and when there’s something new, they email me with the details.

Except, they keep going belly up. My latest didn’t do that, but they did start charging moola, dollaroes, hard currency. No.

So I thought, damn, how hard would it be to write one myself? It needs a way to register feeds, to manage them (especially unsubscribe), and it needs a back end that will monitor the feeds and send the emails.

Long story short, I wrote one on the Australia Day public holiday, in Python, to run on google app engine. It’s bare bones, but it works.

I continue to tinker, but I’ve started asking people to start using it. Free forever people (although I might accept donations at some point, but really, who’s gonna donate?)

Anyway, it’s presently here: (it’s a funny domain name I’ve had for a while)

Please try it out if this idea makes sense to you and/or intrigues you or whatever.

Newsfeeds in my gmail

2 thoughts on “Newsfeeds in my gmail

  1. Awesome – thanks for making this. I just went through the same search process you did, and haven’t really found anything out there. Kind of interesting: this isn’t a hard app to write. I’m betting that the problem is, no one’s yet figured out a way to monetize it once it starts scaling up.

  2. emlyn says:

    Yep, simple to write. If this one gets overloaded on my free googleapps account, I’ll clean up the source and make it easy to upload to others can simply get their own google apps accounts and host it themselves; that’s free, doesn’t require any maintenance, and scales endlessly. I don’t want any money out of it!

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