Sorrow, Stay

Our show in the Adelaide Fringe, Songs of Misery and Despair, is over. The second and last show was on Saturday (three days ago), and the first show on the saturday before that. I find I’m experiencing mixed emotions about it being over; it was a spectacular experience, and we made amazing music with people frankly far more skilled than I am. But, it was also intense and wearing, and it’s good to have things calm down!

I’ve got recordings of both shows, which need about a million hours of mastering and such before they are ready, so probably I’ll have them done by the weekend. Meanwhile, here’s one song from the show, “Sorrow, Stay”, an early music piece by John Downland.

Originally for tenor and lute, this is a two voice a capella arrangement (I don’t know who by, I’ll find out and update this post). Singing this are myself and tenor Chris Bradley, who flew down from Queensland for the performance.

And I need to say publicly, Chris’s talent and skill just blew me away. I learned so much from him in a short time, and my voice has changed in reponse to singing with him, very much for the better. Thanks Chris!

Sorrow, Stay

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