Esteso Voce First Prototype

This weekend, I completed a first prototype of the Esteso Voce!

The Esteso Voce is an instrument I’ve been designing for some time, for adding harmony and delay capabilities to singing. I talk about this more in previous posts.

Introduction to the prototype:

Basic Operation:

Top view demonstration of how it is played:

Playing the Esteso Voce:

This is the first phrase of “Happy Be Thou, Heavenly Queen”, a two voice 14 century a capella piece. My playing skills are pretty poor so far.

Update! Jodie just wrote this little piece for the Esteso Voce; she plays and sings it, and I sing the melody part.

The component parts are:

– A Yamaha ez-eg learning guitar (used for its button based “strings”, functionally an array of 6 x 12 buttons, outputs midi)

– A fairly complex Pure Data patch, relying fundamentally on this PSOLA patch.

– A usb microphone.

– An amp+speaker.

Esteso Voce top view

Esteso Voce First Prototype