Protip for Buzzers: Move to Google+, but keep your Buzz

Link Google+ to Buzz with Syyncc
Link Google+ to Buzz with Syyncc

I’ve been active on Buzz since it was introduced in early 2010. That’s right, I’m old-school! And since it came out, the quickly very cohesive and high quality Buzz community has been looking for some love from Google for its red headed stepchild.

We were scorned. We were pilloried.

And then?

The Rapture!
The Rapture!

We fled out of Buzz and into Buzz 2.0 Google+ like the chosen tribe of a loving deity. For a while there was consternation, especially from those Left Behind, but that sorted itself out over a few days.

And now, many people put up “last posts”, like this one:

I have moved

And Buzz has gotten a little quiet…

But, it’s not dead yet. People are still posting, chatting, it’s still a good place to be. We don’t have to abandon it!

Now I’m sure that Google will eventually lift the whole lot into Google+ and shut down the Buzz brand. But in the meantime, it’s drastic to burn our bridges when there’s a better way.

If you’d like to move to G+, but keep your Buzz presence alive, try my app Syyncc. It allows you to sync up posts between Facebook, Buzz and WordPress, and now it has one way support for Google+; that is, it can copy public posts & comments out of Google+ and into, say, Buzz!

Just sign in with your Buzz/Google+ profile, set up Buzz (authorise it to work with Buzz, no credentials required), and then turn on Google+. Voila, it’ll start working immediately.

What it’ll do, is quietly sit in the background monitoring Google+ for posts, and comments on those posts, and copy them to Buzz for you. So you never have to think about it again, just go use Google+ and let Syyncc do the crossposting work for you.

(In the future, when Google releases the proper API for Google+, I’ll modify Syyncc so that posts can go into Google+ as well as coming out. )

Protip for Buzzers: Move to Google+, but keep your Buzz

4 thoughts on “Protip for Buzzers: Move to Google+, but keep your Buzz

  1. Emlyn, Will this bring in comments generated in Buzz to the G+ post? If not then it may feel too twittery… you know, when people transmit their tweets to buzz but never check back?

    Bish s.

    1. emlyn says:

      At the moment, no it wont, because there’s no way to write back to G+. I’ll fix that as soon as google releases an API, but for now, yep that’s a limitation, sorry, out of my hands.

  2. I’d actually like to be able to disable the comment syncing. Both Facebook and Buzz drop things in my inbox when people comment on my items there, so I don’t really need the comment syncing to keep me aware that people are commenting, and I suspect that a bunch of auto-comments by “me” will just be confusing to people looking at my Facebook feed.

  3. emlyn says:

    Sorry I missed your comment, didn’t approve it till now.

    I just added this feature (no comment sync) to the G+ connection a couple of days ago. Head back into syyncc (, and look in the drop down list for Google+.

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