You Are My Sunshine – done Jodie and Emlyn style.

Jodie and I have been in the recording studio, today and last Sunday, recording some 2 voice a capella work. We’re working on an album-ish thing called Mullach Abu. (What do you call it these days when it’ll largely be online? Not really a CD??) In any case, it’s coming along pretty well I think!

My favourite so far is this, “You Are My Sunshine”.

We’ve put it into the minor, and moved it rhythmically from 4 to 12. The rhythmic aspect was really crucial.

Next up is Kumbayah.

This again is in the minor. It’s amazing what that does for these otherwise difficult to like songs.

Both Kumbayah and You Are My Sunshine were done in the studio with us facing each other, fairly close together, mics between us and back to back. They’ve been done in one take (there’s really no way to do it piecemeal).

Last week, we were further apart, using headphones, and the result was a bit too careful and the tuning wasn’t quite locked in. Here’s us singing Black is the Colour last week in this fashion.

Neither of us were really happy with this, it’s good but not great. So, this week we did it as described above, no headphones, and we just let it rip.

We watched “O Brother Where Art Thou?” a couple of nights ago, and I was inspired by the Fairfield Four singing Lonesome Valley as gravediggers near the end. Sing big, let the vibrato go wide, don’t be careful, and you can make magic!

You Are My Sunshine – done Jodie and Emlyn style.

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