Evolution of Adhocracy

Last Sunday, I was interviewed by Jamie Oastler for the “Steppin’ Off The Edge” podcast. I was surprised that, while I was getting a lot of hits and attention for my Google AppEngine tech posts, Jamie actually wanted to talk about my political ideas – ideas you might kindly describe as idiosyncratic.

Well, why not? Sounds like fun!

So, long story short, here it is.

"Evolution of Adhocracy" on "Steppin' Off The Edge"

We talk about all kinds of things around the concept of the Adhocratic World System, which I introduced in But who will collect the garbage?  . It’s pretty long, apologies in advance if you find it tl;dl . But if you can stick with it, I’d love to hear what you think of it.

Thanks Jamie for the opportunity, and for the excellent editing. I was convinced it’d be a great expanse of “duhurhuhr derp derp derp”, but he’s made me sound relatively coherent, which is no small task.

Steppin’ off the Edge is a fascinating podcast, I recommend it to everyone, have a listen!

Evolution of Adhocracy

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