My 40th Wassail

I’m turning 40 fairly soon. I used to think it’d bother me to be getting older, but as I approach it, bliss. I credit it with getting stupider, or perhaps it’s the love of my darling wife, or else both.

Years ago, I remember a fellow on a list I was on, Hal Finney iirc, saying you can break your life into roughly 20 year long sections. First 20 is childhood, pretty crazy. Second 20, first adulthood, where you screw everything up. Third 20, second adulthood, where you do over, and do it right this time. Fourth 20, relax and wonder why you were so bothered about everything.

Well, I’m ready for the next 20. I feel like I’ve got a bit of insight this time around, some ideas for what I’d like to do, and a healthily low bar for success which should help.

Anyway, I’m having a party, a Wassail, and anyone I even vaguely know is welcome.

Come wassail* with Emlyn at The Barn**. We’ll celebrate the harvest of his first 40 seasons, and ensure a good crop for the next.

Saturday 26th of May. 7 O’clock onwards.

This will be a night of music, merriment festivities and feasting! All you need bring is a song*** to perform for the company – to toast apple**** trees or Emlyn or anything else you feel would benefit from a good toasting. Prepare***** for some amount of banging & clanging as wassailing tradition demands.

“Here’s to thee, old apple tree,
That blooms well, bears well.
Hats full, caps full,
Three bushel bags full,
An’ all under one tree.
Hurrah! Hurrah!”

* For Wassail information and music:

** The Barn is found at 142 Mt Barker Rd Aldgate. It is part of a community art building within the grounds of Wairoa –  a rather lovely hills mansion. The turn off is between Stirling and Aldgate. Driving from Stirling to Aldgate the turn is on your right, just after Siemers Indian restaurant on your left. It’s a private road, with a sign saying “142” and another sign saying “Wairoa Community”. These are very good signs. Just follow the road. You will pass residences, a basketball court, a Montessori School. You will arrive at the building with a reassuring sign saying “delight of being”. Parking is to the right of the building, entrance to the left..

*** ‘song’ here may be interpreted to include mime, dance, theatre, orations, and the like. Performing is supposedly optional.

**** Apples:

***** bring items such as pot lids suitable for clanging.

****** Yule Goat******

My 40th Wassail

Contractor ghettos, Dunning Kruger, and oh sweet jesus the code!

I hear that's just what those coffee script guys look like. Give him a banana, will you?

Imagine a small development team. A few senior geeks, some cash, and some ideas. How do you take idea X, and develop it in timeframe Y, where your team alone can’t deliver?

Or, “Fred is the backbone of this team. If only I could clone Fred.”

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Contractor ghettos, Dunning Kruger, and oh sweet jesus the code!