Emlyn and Jodie sing songs from their kitchen table

ImageI’ve been horribly remiss in not posting this sooner. There’s a monthly music night at The Olive Branch cafe in Balhannah, South Australia, first Sunday of the month. Jodie and I are doing half an hour at the next one, which is this Sunday coming up, ie: in two days. It’s all two voice (or one voice!) a cappella, all the sort of stuff you tend to see me post on this blog. Anyway, if you’re in the vicinity, do come along and say hi and have a listen!

The people that organise the night sent this around in an email:


5 to 9pm

at The Olive Branch Cafe, Balhannah (behind the pub)

Featured Artists
Murray Olliver – the blues doctor
Nellie and Bob – youth meets an obstreperous old geezer in a frenzy of country, folk and pop
Emlyn and Jodie O’Regan – gob-smackingly, gorgeous and compelling a capella magic
Elroy Jones – the retro rocker and balladeer with songs of the 50s and 60s and beyond

Open Mic spots
Poetry by Caz
Food and bevvies by Nicole, the hostess with the mostest

YEP its FREE – you’d be a mug not to be there!

Emlyn and Jodie sing songs from their kitchen table

Lavender Blue

Here’s a new song by my darling wife Jodie O’Regan and I, from our kitchen table. This is the kind of thing a public holiday brings!

Lavender Blue