Adelaideans, please help! And get a free CD.

I need help!

My darling wife Jodie O’Regan and I have a most excellent concert approaching.

It’s on the Monday public holiday (1 October), at the Church of the Epiphany in Crafers (map link), at 7pm. And it’s Free!

We’re singing with the Queensland Kodaly Choir, who I just saw tonight at St Johns, Halifax St in the city. They’re awesome, beautiful, something you really want to see.

And of course Jodie and I will be doing a bunch of our crazy two-voice stuff (see previous post for examples). We’ll also be singing some three-voice a capella material with our good mate Chris Bradley who’s come to Adelaide with the Kodaly folk.

Anyway, I still need help!

The problem is, we need an audience, and it doesn’t look like we’re getting a huge turnout. It’d be a terrible pity if this concert (which I quietly think will be a properly magical experience) didn’t have a crowd, particularly for the Kodaly choir, our guests.

So if you can possibly manage it, do come along on Monday night. If you can’t, then tell someone local who might be able to make it.

Just to sweeten the deal a little, I’ll have some demo CDs there, which you can just take home. They might be a little undecorated (I’m running them off on my laptop), they’re our work in progress, but they’re red hot, the real deal. You totally want one, honestly!

So spread the world, and come along. We’d love to see you, it’ll be a spectacular night, you’ll pity the poor folks who missed out!

Adelaideans, please help! And get a free CD.

2 thoughts on “Adelaideans, please help! And get a free CD.

  1. Emlyn says:

    Terrible excuse Olivier. There’s plenty of time to cross the Indian ocean before Monday!

    In fact, given the timezone difference, I’m pretty sure it’s still Tuesday a fortnight ago in Europe, so you’ve got weeks to get here. Weeks!

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